Health Benefits of Cumin And Why Is This Spice Important


Cumin, in India, is called ‘Jeera’. This spice is the king of all the spices in Indian kitchens. Born with an all-season attribute, cumin has a lot stored in it with respect to health benefits. A very large number of dishes are made using cumin either in seeds form or its powder form. Not only this, cumin is also used as a traditional medicine.

The following are the proven health benefits of cumin which also tell why is this spice important:

  1. It encourages digestion

We feel like eating anything and everything at once the moment it appears tasty to us. However, the grave concern is the food digestion. Well, using certain regular kitchen spices such as the cumin will help keep your stomach in a balanced state. There are certain digestive enzymes present in this spice that help in promoting the overall digestion process. It helps in releasing bile from the liver that further helps in digesting fats and certain other nutrients in your gut area.

  1. It comprises of certain plant compounds

Cumin is composed of certain plant compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids, phenols and terpenes that are very essential for the overall body functioning. Many of these act as antioxidants to reduce the number of free radicals damaging your body internally. These antioxidants also help an electron connect with a free radical electron only thereby making it more stable and stand against diseases like inflammation and cancer. So, from here, we can conclude by saying that cumin is the richest source of necessary antioxidants.

  1. It provides us with a lot of iron

Iron deficiency is one grave concern in most of the humans. Many people don’t get iron from the food they eat. Women and children need a lot of iron during their growth and ageing process. Women tend to lose a lot of iron during menstruation in the form of blood loss. Cumin seeds are natural source of iron. One teaspoon of cumin powder contains approximately 1.5 mg of iron for grown-ups. You can really count on its iron supply even when you take it in smaller amounts as a seasoning.